ClickFunnels Review

Imagine a platform that can help you create a landing page specifically designed to increase your sales? Imagine being able to completely customize your page and give it your own personal flair without having to be a software developer or web design guru? 

If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to get your new products and services in front of the right people with a sales page that will blow them away, then someone has likely referred you to ClickFunnels, a landing page builder that has been giving entrepreneurs in a variety of different industries the chance to grow their business in a fast and efficient way since 2014. Every entrepreneur has personal business goals they want to achieve and many have turned to ClickFunnels to help them do just that because of its easy to use features and appealing page templates, but not every business owner has found it to be the right platform for them and we’ll get into that more below.

ClickFunnels has certainly made a big name for itself in the six years it’s been active so, throughout this review, we’ll discuss the benefits to using the landing page software as well as the disadvantages it may have for certain business owners. We’ve done our research diligently and feel like ClickFunnels deserves a nearly perfect five our five stars, but because no one is 100% perfect, we’ll give it four a half stars and we’ll clearly explain why below.

ClickFunnels Review Features

If you’re not sure if ClickFunnels is for you and want to get to know the brand and what it does a bit better, we’ll cover all the basics for you. After all, it is a big decision and you want your landing page to stand out from the rest.

We’ll be covering the following topics:

  1. What Is ClickFunnels?
  2. How Does ClickFunnels Work?
  3. Is ClickFunnels Legitimate?
  4. What Are Top ClickFunnel Features?
  5. What Does ClickFunnels Cost?
  6. What Are Advantages To Using ClickFunnels?
  7. What Are Disadvantages To Using ClickFunnels?
  8. Who Is ClickFunnels Best Suited For?
  9. The Difference Between A Website & Sales Funnel?
  10. The Importance Of A Killer Landing Page
  1. What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online software that allows users to create sales pages that really convert, without having to be an expert in coding, web design or development. Entrepreneurs are given the ability to market and sell their products and services to a wide audience. Users have complete flexibility when it comes to creating a killer landing page and sales funnels, two necessary components to help entrepreneurs reach their business goals.

A landing page is what helps businesses convert leads to customers in the first place. It allows you to effectively capture customer information so you can contact them at a later date with another offer they may desire. This can ultimately be what makes or break your business. Without a good landing page, customers aren’t going to want to purchase your products. But thanks to a wide array of ClickFunnels features, this landing page builder makes it easy to add pretty much everything you need or want.

Selling is hard, there’s no doubt about that. But with the sales funnel, it can assist you with bringing that customer closer to actually purchasing the product. Ultimately, a sales funnel is a virtual salesperson who will go through a step-by-step process for you to bring that customer to your business by sending them automated emails, videos, articles, and landing pages. They help bring awareness to your brand and get that customer to visit your landing page because they’re likely to resonate with, and purchase, what you have to offer. 

So, in short, ClickFunnels helps small businesses grow by driving more leads to your website, raise brand awareness, increase customer value, and provide you with comprehensive strategies to continue to raise your sales.

  1. ClickFunnels Learning Curve

One of the reasons people appreciate ClickFunnels so much is because of its easy to use design and integration features. ClickFunnels offers users the chance to build a website from scratch without having to understand even the basics of coding, web design, or software development because well, ClickFunnels did all that for you!

The entire platform is very beginner-friendly and that’s pretty much why it was created in the first place. Some people have even called it “the easiest” and “one of the best marketing tools” out there.

Here’s the process of building landing page with ClickFunnels:

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Select “add new” and create a name for your funnel. This is where you also select a goal – do you want to collect emails, sell your products, or host a webinar? After choosing your goal, you’ll need to choose your tags.

Step 3: It’s time to start building your funnel! Select build funnel and choose which template you’d like. There are many appealing templates to choose from for various industries and better yet, they already have the necessary coding integrated so you don’t have to worry about it!

Step 4: Start editing the page you want it with the easy drag and drop function. Drag photos or videos into the design, add more sections or columns to the page, add pop-ups, more headlines, more paragraphs … whatever you want to add that personal flair we mentioned before. You also want to design to match the type of products or services you offer. And you don’t have to worry about a shortage of elements to choose from. ClickFunnels offers many different options to choose from.

Step 5: Press the “preview” button so you can see if it will convert to the mobile version easily. You don’t just want a desktop-friendly website in this day and age. If you’re happy with how it looks, congratulations! You’re done!

If you’re ever unhappy with an element you chose previously, don’t worry. It’s just as easy to remove it. You simply just hover over the element (or headline, row, column, etc.) and press the trash can icon.

It’s also easy to go back and change the colors or text type. If you need help with any of these changes and would rather watch a video about it, the ClickFunnels website has example videos for each design element, including how to get started in the first place.

  1. Is ClickFunnels Legitimate? 

One thing you’ve probably noticed when searching around the internet for ClickFunnel reviews is that it’s a big scam and you shouldn’t rely on it to help build your business. We don’t feel like this is accurate. ClickFunnels is certainly a legitimate business founded by the successful Russell Brunson who helps entrepreneurs all over the world succeed with online marketing tactics. When ClickFunnels began in 2014, it saw success fairly quickly and in just six years, they have over 100,000 daily active users. It’s not a complicated platform and they’re not trying to oversell things to you. Will it work for absolutely everyone? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying, especially for beginners who aren’t sure where to start or how to build a landing page. Russell Brunson also has a large variety of free videos you can find online that help you both use the platform, and succeed in your everyday business goals. You can read case study after case study, as well as the thousands of reviews left behind by real-life entrepreneurs who’ve relied on the ClickFunnels software to build the landing pages of their dreams.

If you’re ever not sure if you want to completely sign up and pay for ClickFunnels services, they do offer a 14-day free trial for those wanting to test the waters beforehand. The site also allows for easy subscription pauses or account cancellations at any point in time if you’re not happy in the long run.  

  1. What Are Top ClickFunnel Features? 

One of the best things about ClickFunnels is, even though it has a lot of features users can take advantage of, it’s still easy to use. And, all these features are strictly meant to assist you in teaching your business goals in the best possible way. Sure, there are many other landing page builders out there, but ClickFunnels provides users with practically everything you need on one single software without having to install anything (other than plugins you may want).

There is a wide array of features that are worth mentioning, especially if you (the reader) are still undecided about whether or not ClickFunnels is for you and if you’ll find it easy enough to use.


There are both free and paid templates on ClickFunnels and a variety of different ones to choose from. Page templates are pretty much a lifesaver for those who aren’t familiar with web design and development. Everything is already built and laid out for you, you just have to customize it to the way you want it and add your own photos and videos.

It may almost seem overwhelming at first because there are actually so many templates to choose from, but it’s necessary for website building platforms to have so many options because of the many different types of industries out there.

But ClickFunnels offers more than just design templates for your web pages. There’s also an email template to help users craft emails (and personalize them) for their amazing customers without having to spend a lot of time deciding how it should look.

Drag and Drop Editor

This is one of the top features ClickFunnels is known for. Drag and drop editor makes building your own customized website easier than ever before. Just as it states on the ClickFunnels website, you can add, move, delete and edit any page you want (after choosing your template). Place headlines where you want, photos where you want, and maybe even fulfill your dreams of being a web design guru, only with a much easier tool! If you don’t like the look of something, hover over it with your mouse and click the trash can icon and start over.

Once you drag and drop what you want, ClickFunnels also allows you to adjust the text style, size, color, background, spacing size, and so much more. It’s like making Sims and building their houses, only website style.

WordPress Plugin

If you have a blog or another website, ClickFunnels allows you to easily install a WordPress Plugin so you can add them together. Simply go to your WordPress dashboard, choose “plugins” and then “add new” and search for ClickFunnels. The plugin you’ll be searching for is created by Etison, LLC. Press “activate”. Etison will provide you with activation steps to follow in order to ensure your plugin is working correctly.

This is the only thing you’ll need to really install and it may not even be something you need. Otherwise, all the other features are provided right through ClickFunnels.

Follow-Up Funnels

This tool is one of the best ways to stay in contact with your customers and improve your loyalty score. But these follow-ups are completely personalized per customer depending on the action they took on your landing page, what products they’ve purchased from you before, and even where they came from. This can make a customer feel much more valued and improve the likeliness of them purchasing from you again, or for the first time.

Creating an email list is also very easy, just like the other features and, once you’ve completed sending these emails, you can track your progress and stats to see who opened them and more. If you’re just getting started, this is a great way to A/B test and see which emails are performing better than others.

Add Products

Because ClickFunnels is an online software that helps boost your business sales by creating landing pages that convert, they’ve made it super easy to be able to add either physical or digital products to the sales page with the price and shopping cart options. There’s an “add product” tab that lets you add a picture, description, price, etc., and that’s pretty much it. If you want to make it even easier, you can integrate a shipping platform that will manage and ship your products for you.

Upsell Pages

Yes, you may have a sweet landing page, but do you want to convince even more people they need to purchase your product? Upsell pages are persuasive and appealing to specific customers who you know are likely to purchase a certain product again.

There are plenty of upselling page templates to choose from. All you have to do is replace the content with your own product and prices. Most of the time these pages will have special offers, like buy one get one, or 25% off when you spend over a certain amount, but what you put on that page is entirely up to you. With the drag and drop feature, you can have your upsell page up and running and seeing conversions in less than ten minutes.

ClickFunnels also offers users the chance to integrate a one-click upsell when customers are purchasing a product. A one-click upsell is perfect for small businesses just getting started who need more sales and studies show they have the ability to drastically increase revenue. Once a customer has a product in their cart, you can offer them a deal with another similar product that goes along perfectly with what they’re about to purchase. Just think of it as bribing them with dessert after they just had dinner! Do they really need that slice of ooey-gooey chocolatey cake? No. But it’s too tempting not to accept the offer. 

Go Live

With webinar funnels, you can host videos live, and yes, there are templates for that too. Again, you just have to replace the information with your own and you can easily set the date and time you’re going live by creating an event. You can schedule either one-on-one webinars or recurring webinar events.

Social Media Integration 

It’s no secret that Facebook is the largest social media platform in the entire world. This is why it’s important to be able to integrate a Facebook pixel on your website so users can easily click on the icon and be directed to your Facebook page and vice versa. Pretty much any marketer will express the importance of every website having a Facebook pixel because of its ability to track customer traits/actions, drive more sales for increased conversion rates, and more. And no, you still don’t need to learn how to code! This integration process is still very simple.

  1. ClickFunnels Pricing: What Does It Cost?

What you end up paying will ultimately depend on what kind of plan you’re looking for and how many features you want. The best part about it, no matter what plan you’re interested in, you can begin with a 14-day free trial to see if it’s the right software platform for you. Is it for everyone? No. That’s why it’s a good idea to test the waters first.

There are two main options to choose from price-wise and each has its own unique features.

ClickFunnels: $97/month

This basic monthly plan, which is perfect for beginners, will allow you to have the following features on your website:

  • Share Funnels: share the funnels you create with others
  • Funnels: you can create up to 20 funnels (aka, landing pages)
  • Pages: you can create 100 pages to go along with your 20 funnels
  • Users: one main user can login and have administrator rights
  • Payment Getaways: you can integrate three ways to get paid
  • Domains: you can have up to three different brands and products on the same account
  • Follow-Up Funnels: you won’t have this option with this plan
  • Chat Support: you can ask the sales team anything at any time
  • Weekly Peer Review Hackathons: you won’t have this option with this plan
  • Funnel Flix: you can watch free video courses from marketing professionals to help you succeed further

ClickFunnels Platinum: $297/month

  • Share Funnels: share the funnels you create with others
  • Funnels: you can create an unlimited amount of funnels
  • Pages: you can create an unlimited amount of sales pages/subpages
  • Users: three main users can login and have administrator rights
  • Payment Getaways: you can integrate nine ways to get paid
  • Domains: you can have up to nine different brands and products on the same account
  • Follow-Up Funnels: you’ll be able to follow up with your customers an unlimited amount of time
  • Chat Support: you can ask the sales team anything at any time and be considered a priority
  • Weekly Peer Review Hackathons: you can start your funnel builder journey with the help of a step-by-step coach
  • Funnel Flix: you can watch an unlimited amount of free video courses from marketing professionals to help you succeed further

The main difference between these two membership funnels is the unlimited amount of funnels and subpages you can build. If you’re just getting started with a small business, it may only be worth starting out with the basic plan at first. Once you start growing and more people are landing on your pages, you can think about upgrading since the basic membership can support around 20,000 visitors a month per sales funnel.

  1. What Are Advantages To Using ClickFunnels? 

If you’re still trying to consider whether or not ClickFunnels is for you, let’s go over all the advantages the platform has.

Easy Sales Page Builder

ClickFunnels was specifically created so businessmen, marketers, graphic designers, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and more, could build landing pages that truly convert without having to learn about web development or coding. This funnel builder is known as one of the easiest software platforms out there too. With an easy-to-use ClickFunnels editor and tons of professionally designed templates to choose from, ClickFunnels provides any beginner with a peace of mind knowing their landing pages and subpages will look their absolute best to increase conversion rates by attracting more customers. And, one of the best things about the templates is you can still add a personal touch to them and get rid of any features you may not need with a simple click of your mouse.

Email & Facebook Campaign Integration

Another advantage is the ability to integrate amazing features that will drive your sales even more. From email marketing campaigns to Facebook campaigns, you can continue to generate leads with your paid ads. It can potentially help you get a higher return on investment.

Review Your Performance

One of the best ways to ensure your efforts are succeeding is by keeping track of your progress through the ClickFunnels dashboard. You can see what’s converting and what’s not and change your methods. A/B testing is also very easy through ClickFunnels for every page you’ve created. This allows you to fully maximize your budget, increase ROI, and accurately target your intended audience.

Create Membership Funnels

If you have private content like online courses, you have the ability to both schedule regular webinar funnels and create a membership funnel for attendees. And yes, they can pay through the platform oo. In fact, any time you have products and services for people to purchase, you can easily integrate a shopping cart page, order forms, subscription pages, and more.

Consistent Training For Beginners

No matter how new you are to using page builders or even to the business world, there are plenty of training videos from professionals who can help you every step of the way. Oh, and they’re free! If you need help integrating a certain feature or want to learn how to drive more customers to your pages, there are ongoing videos for every topic on ClickFunnels by Russell Brunson and other marketing experts.


Increase your customer loyalty even more by integrating an autoresponder to respond to inquiries with platforms like MailChimp, Convert Kit, HubSpot, GetResponse, and many more.

There are many other advantages this platform has to offer, but with advantages come disadvantages.

  1. What Are Disadvantages To Using ClickFunnels?

Not every page builder out there will be for every business person. Though ClickFunnels is very easy to use and we think it’s an awesome platform for beginners, here are some things we think could improve.

A Bit Pricier

While it’s great that ClickFunnels offers users a 14-day free trial to test out their platform first, the monthly payment options are slightly higher than other website builders out there. For ClickFunnels Platinum, it’s $297/month, which may be more than beginners can afford, but for the cheaper $97/month option, there are fewer features unlocked. With the cheaper option, you also get fewer page visitors (20,000 visitors per page), so as you continue to grow, you’ll have no choice but to upgrade.

Customer Service Priorities

Unfortunately, customer service for members on the $97/month plan is lacking. Some people have complained about it taking days before someone reaches out to them. But, if you’re a platinum user, you’re actually considered a priority. Every ClickFunnels user should be considered a priority.

Learning Curve May Increase

Yes, ClickFunnels is known for its ease of use, especially when it comes to using the ClickFunnels editor. But, some users have complained that the more features and integrations ClickFunnels offers, the harder it gets to learn how to use absolutely everything. It also makes using the platform overwhelming at first because there are so many new features to learn that you may never have heard of before.

No Ownership

You do not own any pages you create with ClickFunnels. They are the owners, therefore, if you decide to use a different platform, you have to rebuild your website. They do not offer hosting services, so if you want your own URL, you’ll need to consider moving elsewhere and possibly even hire someone to rebuild your website or landing pages for you.

You shouldn’t let these disadvantages scare you away, but they’re definitely something to consider, especially if you want to actually own your own pages and site in the future.

  1. Who Is ClickFunnels Best Suited For? 

Pretty much any business owner with an online presence can benefit from using ClickFunnels in one way or another, especially if they want to increase their sales. And, let’s be honest, what business owner doesn’t want to increase their sales?

Like we’ve been saying, it may not be the right platform for absolutely everyone, but it’s always worth a try. Many ClickFunnels users are:

  • Marketing businesses
  • Small e-commerce/retail services
  • Online course/webinar providers
  • Graphic designers
  • Networkers (real estate, marketers, consulting firms, etc.)
  • Health and wellness experts
  • Financial advisors

ClickFunnels does a great job of incorporating many different business styles into their templates and available integrations, but as mentioned before, if you don’t think ClickFunnels will be for you but you want to test the waters out first, they offer a 14-day free trial. Certain features will be limited during this free trial, but at least you’ll have an idea on whether or not it’s the right platform for your particular industry or service.

  1. The Difference Between A Website & A Sales Funnel

It can be a bit confusing as to what ClickFunnels services allow you to do. Its main purpose is to help people build sales funnels, not a whole website (although you can still do that). Depending on which payment plan you opted with, you can create a certain number of sales funnels.

A sales funnel is a step by step process that businesses lead customers through before they purchase a product. The basic funnel steps are awareness, interest, decision, and action. You want to capture the customers’ attention, present them a product and service they want and need, and take them through the purchasing steps. You also want to gain their trust and loyalty so they continue to come back for more. It may seem like websites do the exact same thing (which they can do), but there are a couple of differences. The main difference being your website can rank for a few different things to attract different traffic.

For example, if you have a marketing website wanting to rank for different services you specialize in like social media marketing, SEO, hosting, etc., you will obviously have certain keywords on each service page clearly outlining what you offer, how you perform these tasks, what they are, why people need them, and why they should choose your services over others. Sales funnels have a bit of a different path for visitors.

Sales funnels cater to a specific target with a specific product because the business owner has a specific goal in mind. Is that specific enough?

In other words, you really want to raise brand and product awareness and get them to become a loyal customer so they’ll continue returning for future purchases. Websites cater more towards all their products and may not necessarily have a certain target audience, especially if they sell a variety of different things.

But can sales funnels and a website work together? Absolutely! This can enhance user experience and drive sales even more because you can link back to certain funnel pages through your website where they can continue with their purchase.

  1. The Importance of Building A Killer Landing Page

You’ve probably heard it before and you’re about to hear it again: a landing page can make or break you. The most important part of any website is the landing page and for a few different reasons, but the main reason being: it’s going to help boost your conversion rates by generating more leads. This isn’t the same thing as your home page or services page, but rather a standalone page that provides valuable information, promotes special deals, and even improves your SEO score on search engines. It may sound complicated, but they’re actually pretty simple to build, especially if you’re a beginner using ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels also allows you to build multiple landing pages so you can collect specific information from your customers for future precision targeting.

A landing page should include the following useful information:

  • A catchy headline and one or two subtitles
  • You’re giving them what you promised along with a brief description (you don’t need tons of detail on a landing page – get straight to the point)
  • A photo or brief video
  • A couple of customer testimonials on the product
  • A call-to-action button or easy-to-fill-out form
  • Make it easily shareable for their social media  
  • Follow up with a thank you

When it comes to the actual look of the landing page, it shouldn’t be completely covered with content or images. Brief summaries and a couple of appealing photos or videos are helpful, but it will turn customers away if there’s too much going on. This is why you shouldn’t use your homepage as a landing page – customers may feel too overwhelmed with all the information about your services and your company and not be able to focus on the specific product they were looking for in the first place.

ClickFunnels Review: Is It Really Worth It?

We know this ClickFunnels review has been long, but there’s a lot of important characteristics to go over that they offer. ClickFunnels really is a great platform despite Google searches that claim it’s a scam or it’s not a legitimate website. There have been thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs, like yourself, stuck in the same boat where you don’t know where to start with your small business, you aren’t sure how to build landing pages that really convert, and you have no idea how web development or coding works. This is when ClickFunnels truly becomes helpful. You not only have the option of choosing from a ton of professionally designed templates right off the bat, but editing and personalizing your landing pages and sales funnels is incredibly easy and that’s exactly what ClickFunnels is known for (and was created for). Gone are the days of confusing web building and trying to understand coding by watching a bunch of YouTube videos. With ClickFunnels, you also become kind of spoiled with all their free training videos! Every feature or integration you have a question about, there is a video for on ClickFunnels’ website.

ClickFunnels offers users a ton of integration options to make their conversion experience and customer experience even better. From email marketing integration to creating follow-ups, upsell pages, WordPress plugins, and more, you can have everything all in one place where it’s easy to manage. With your ClickFunnels dashboard, you can also keep track of what tactics are succeeding and where there’s room for improvement.

Are there drawbacks? Sure. The platform may not be for every single business person out there. ClickFunnels’ pricing is known to be a bit higher, but there are a couple of different payment options to choose from if you didn’t want to go with the higher option right off the bat. Without ClickFunnels Platinum, you will have fewer options to choose from (particularly how many sales funnels you can create and how many visitors you can have on each page), but if you’re just starting out in the world of business, it may not be too bad. It also may not be the right software for you if you’re hoping to own your URL. ClickFunnels owns all your sales funnels and landing pages and does not offer hosting services (as of yet). This means you’ll have to rebuild your website if you stop your ClickFunnels subscription.

We think ClickFunnels is a great platform to use, but definitely recommend starting out with the 14-day free trial first just to ensure it’s really the platform for you. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the services ClickFunnels provides or the increased conversion rates it brings you!